The Permanent Representation of Hungary to the Council of Europe organized a national day celebration and reception to mark the 63rd anniversary of the revoltuion and freedom fight of 1956. 

The members of the Strasbourg diplomatic corps, the judges of the European Court of Human Rights and the high ranking staff members of the Council of Europe were greeted by Ambassador Ágnes Kertész, Permanent Representative of Hungary ot the Council of Europe. 

A celebratory speech was given by Marija Pejcinovic Buric the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The Secretary General recalled the significance of the 1956 revolution in our common European history and the great contributions of Hungary to the work of the organization in the past three decades since it has become a member. 

After the speeches the guests had the possiblity to enjoy traditional Hungarian gastronomy and wines. The reception was followed by the screening of the film titled "Mom and other loonies in the family", which is a true journey through the 20th century history of Hungary, including of course the events of the 1956 revolution.