The French Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe organized a conference for the Ministers of Justice mid-October in Strasbourg. Hungary was represented by the State Secretary for Cooperation in European and International Justice Affairs, Mr János Bóka. The Ministers discussed the impact of digital technologies in the judicial field and new challenges arising in criminal justice manners due to the technological advancements.

State Secretary Bóka shared the Hungarian experiences and the developments that have taken place in recent years to prepare the judiciary to use new technologies. The Hungarian State Secretary also made the proposal to create an informal roundtable in the framework of the Council of Europe for IT experts responsible for operating and developing IT systems for the judiciary. Mr Bóka emphasized in his intervention, that it is the IT experts, who experience first hand the challenges of international cooperation with uncompatible IT systems in the justice field. 

At the end of the conference it was suggested that the pertinent questions of digitalization in the justice field should be revisited every two years at conferences of justice ministers.