On the occasion of the end of the Hungarian presidency of the Visegrád Group the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the Council of Europe organized an exhibition and a concert of the Virtuosos. The exhibition shown in the Palais de l'Europe gave an overview of the history of the Visegrád Cooperation with photos of summits and meetings of the past decades from the early 1990s. The exhibition could be seen for two weeks, including during the summer plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. 

On the 27th of June the Permanent Representation also organized a concert of the Virtuosos, young talents from Hungary, who discovered through a television programme of the Hungarian public broadcaster. The event started with a speech by Ambassador Ágnes Kertész in which she preaised the cooperation between the V4 countries and intorduced the young musicians. The Vituosos played pieces by xomposers from all the Visegrád countires as well as playing two pieces composed by Apor Szüts one of the Vitruosos. 

The venue of the concert was the historic Münsterhof concert hall, accommodating members of the diplomatic corps and parlamentarians as well as members of the Hungarian community living in Alsace.